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ICS Cyber Security

ICS and Operational Technology Cyber Security 

Operational Technology (OT) networks, including industrial control systems, are inherently vulnerable to external threats. With multiple, and often unsecured connections to IT systems, vulnerabilities leave the whole network unnecessarily exposed to cyber attacks. 

Our specialist team of cyber security experts securely bridge the gap between IT and OT systems. Starting with a OT network risk assessment, we will work with key stakeholders from operations, IT and management to give you a complete view of your network, identify possible points of vulnerabilties, and provide an actionable path to mitigate risks and comply with government mandated standards.


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We believe in identifying potential issues, before they become a problem. We conduct System Functionality Audits to minimise risk and maximise peace of mind.

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With our broad coverage in both metropolitan and regional areas, our team are able to provide services and implement solutions in the field.

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