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360 Engineering Parkes Water Treatment Plant
Parkes Shire Council – Telemetry System Upgrade

Location: Parkes, NSW

Solution: Telemetry System Upgrade of more than 30 remote sites and a new ClearSCADA system

Platforms: 4RF SR+ Radios and hot/standby repeaters, Brodersen RTU32S RTUS, ClearSCADA

Location: QLD

Solution: Radio network upgrade to reconcile 7 different Urban Utilities legacy SCADA platforms

Platforms: 4RF Aprisa SR+ Radios, 190 RTUs through 11 Base Station Repeaters, GeoSCADA platform

Santos – Arcadia Reverse Osmosis Treatment Plant

Location: Arcadia, QLD

Solution: Gas field water treatment plant requiring pre-treatment, ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis.

Platforms: 17 variable speed drives, MCC including DOL starters, PLC, HMI; remote IO panel, PLC, SCADA

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