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360 Engineering provides complete, reliable services and solutions for all of your automation needs. Click on the links below to read more about our solutions for your organisation.


We have extensive experience in telemetry and can provide all of your telemetry needs. We use the latest in RTU/SCADA/PLC technology combined with the most appropriate communications for the application. We are highly skilled at selecting the most cost effective and reliable methods based on your requirements and budget. We have strong expertise in private radio (analog or digital), mobile networks and microwave or ethernet radio. Whether your requirements are for simple data-logging applications or complex automated control networks for complete water/waste water systems, we will be able to design, roll out, commission and then support your system.

Our Process

  • Concept Specification
  • Design/equipment Selection
  • Pilot Sites (as required)
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Installation
  • Commissioning

Contact us to see how we can help with you telemetry and automation needs.

Telemetry and Control System Audits

We believe in complete transparency and want to do away with a smoke and mirrors approach to system documentation. We work with you to give you the tools and documentation so you understand exactly how your system works. Our team can undertake a complete audit of your current network, including Radtel Telemetry systems. We review and where missing, develop, technical drawings and overviews of your control system network, analyse all control system functionality, peer-to-peer communication, alarm management and provide you with a fully comprehensive report, so you fully understand and can manage your system on your terms.

Asset Management

We’ll take care of everything for you. 360 Engineering can keep stock of your telemetry network including all hardware, software and firmware. We know you’re busy, so we like to be proactive. We can monitor, schedule and manage maintenance runs when they’re required. You’ll have access to reliable information on your system and won’t have the hassle of scheduling maintenance for your equipment and sites. We also tie support calls to individual sites, so there’s complete visibility of recurring issues. By doing this we make a point of pre-empting any major issues before they occur to minimise risks and set your mind at ease.

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