Radtel Telemetry

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You now have a choice. 360 Engineering can provide reliable support, servicing and upgrades for Radtel telemetry systems. Click on the links below to read more about our Radtel telemetry solutions for your organisation.

Radtel Telemetry

360 Engineering can support your existing Radtel Telemetry network. Our highly experienced staff have a combined 20 years of experience working with the Radtel system and products. Our friendly, professional team can complete a wide range of services on your current Radtel system including repairs, support, installations, upgrades, PLC RTU programming, SCADA and HMI development, electrical designs, radio network design, supply & maintenance. With 360 Engineering, you have control over your system. It’s the way it should be.

Mox RTUs

360 Engineering is collaborating with Mox Group products – Australia’s leading developer and manufacturer of RTU and other smart products for infrastructure control and industrial automation. This collaboration provides you with the freedom to choose an RTU that will work inside your existing system. The Mox RTU talks the same protocol as your existing Radtel products and allows for seamless integration into the network. Being fully DNP3 compliant, this RTU is enabled for use in Radtel systems now and also futureproofs your system for upgrading to industry standard protocols. The Mox RTUs are ready to talk on digital radio, as well as talking analogue.

The Mox range of RTUs is extensive, so you have the flexibility to choose from their vast range of products to find the right RTU to fit your needs. Working with Mox, we have devised a standard replacement package for each Radtel RTU type – 3000, 5000 and 8000 Radtel RTUs, to fit in the existing space available.

Radtel RTU Migration Program

We can provide an upgrade path to replace all existing Radtel RTU products with Mox RTU products. We utilise your existing infrastructure, so you don’t have replace your radios, power supplies, or cabinetry. This provides significant cost savings to your organisation.

360 Engineering has developed a program to upgrade your existing Radtel network to a DNP3, vendor independent network at a very cost effective price. Utilising most of your existing hardware, we can upgrade a single site to a brand new Mox RTU of your choice with minimum cost, fuss and risk.

We have written code templates for the Mox RTU to mimic the operation of both 5000, 3000 and 8000 RTUs, so we can replace an RTU on your network and have it fully installed functionality tested with minimal on site time.

Once this replacement happens, you are not locked in to using 360 Engineering for your ongoing support and maintenance. We will provide the code templates to you upon job completion as part of our comprehensive job documentation. This gives you the power to choose and the freedom to control your own assets. You will have full access to your programs and configurations, so you can make changes as you see fit.

SCADA Upgrades

Once you have upgraded your RTU hardware, which is now DNP3 ready, you then have the option of upgrading your SCADA. The difference with our solution is that you can choose 360 Engineering to complete the end-to-end upgrade, or select the SCADA package that best suits your organisation and have the option of choosing an independent integration company to implement it. This gives you the freedom to upgrade your system to fit your needs, with whomever you choose.

360 Engineering provides this option to you so that you have the choice to upgrade at your own pace, and according to your own budgets. We can work with you to undertake a slow upgrade, over many years – simply upgrading sites as funding permits, or we can do whole systems at once. The choice is yours.

We understand that in business, priorities often change. For this reason, we offer flexibility in our upgrade policy. Once you start upgrading your sites, you are not committed to completing the job, or tied to us for support of the RTUs. The power to choose really is in your hands.

Radtel 3000 RTU Replacement

Using a Mox Unity RTU, with the right mounting plate, we can replace a 3000 RTU without needing to remove the 3000 enclosure. Actually, we utilise it, saving time and money. The insides of the 3000 are removed, leaving behind the battery and radio enclosure, and the Unity is mounted directly on top of the case. This means that no extra space is required. Then using the radio, and battery that are already there, the Mox Unity RTU is ready to go within minutes of arriving at site.

Radtel 5000 RTU Replacement

Using the Mox Ionix RTU, with expandable IO racks, a 5000 RTU is quickly replaced by removing the 5000 CPU and IO cards, bolting the Ionix in and then re-terminating the wiring. Still using your existing 5000 Power supply and radio combined with the 5000 template program for the RTU, your new RTU will be up and running in no time.

Radtel 8000 RTU Replacement

Again using the Mox Ionix RTU, we can quickly swap out your Radtel RTU using the existing serial cables and the onboard IO of the Mox Ionix. You then have the option of replacing the functionality of the PLC on site, in the Mox Ionix, or simply replicate the functionality of the 8000 RTU.

Once you have swapped your RTUs you then can, at your leisure, decide on a SCADA upgrade. Again, with our flexible upgrade policy, 360 Engineering can complete your SCADA upgrade, or you can select to have the upgrade undertaken by any supplier of your choice.

Call us today on 1800 360 364 to take control of your system.